Tuesday, October 23

yesterday was communion.
the body of Jesus. wounded for
us. a wafer to remember.

and His Blood poured out.
covering all our sins. grape juice
to symbolize the spear in His side.
"blood and love flow mingled down".

"what can wash away our sins?
nothing but the Blood...nothing but the Blood of Jesus..."

without the Cross,
we can never be free.
never be warriors with a cause.
never run and win.
never see the sunrise of deliverance.

"amazing grace how sweet the sound..
that saved a wretch like me.."

flow, River, flow.
eat of the Bread. drink of His Blood.
wash in the fount of forgiveness.
once blind ..but now we see.

1 comment:

  1. Communion is my favorite ordinance. It's such a private remembrance for me...in the midst of a crowd.

    I thank Him daily for all He has done for me.