Wednesday, October 24

received an email today from a woman
who was one of my students as dean
of women on a university campus.

she reminded me i had sent her
home for special reasons, and all
these years has held intense bitternes
toward me. It sounded as if i had
really nearly ruined her for life.

so i have been wearing a coat of
grief all day. i can scarcely recall
it, but i was too young being a dean
when we were nearly the same age.
i blew it, and she was courageous
enough to help make amends with

the foolishness of our youth.
Wounding others along the way.

let's keep our slates clean.
accept how we have wronged another
without playing justification games.

"oh, Jesus, may we forgive others
as You forgive us."

my car is to arrive by transport
tomorrow at ten a.m. the waiting has
almost passed. i'll send a pic on blog/facebk.
please know i still read all
your beautiful words to me. line by
line. often moved to tears. with
genuine love....

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  1. Good morning Ann! Wow, sorry to hear about what happened yesterday. I had a terrible day yesterday and tried so hard to rise above it but pretty much failed miserably. Anyway,do u have an cd's for sell? I listened to a few of you speaking and it was just like hearing you in around 1974. I just wanted to know because i would like to share them with some friends of mine. I'm so glad you're getting your car tomorrow (with heated seats) :) believe me.. i know how awful it is without a car. "Something beautiful, something good, all my confusion he understood... all i had to offer HIM was brokeness and strife but he's making something beautiful out of my life." Be blessed today Ann and would you please pray for my sons..Josh 26, having trouble with drinking and lives in ny and not talking to me right now, and also Stephen 13 who is an emotional basketcase and has that awful teenager attitude.... They need Jesus in their lives......... thanks..