Saturday, October 13

last night, i received a call
from an unknown lady in ohio,
about a bill (i took care of it today).

suddenly, Jesus tapped my shoulder.
"speak to this woman about Me...."

i took a gulp. how should i approach this?
"ma'm, i want you to know i am a single mother
of four sons, and i just could never have made
it without Jesus. and for just as we've been speaking,
i feel God is asking me to tell you that whatever BIG
thing is happening in your life? well, He has it all
covered. all taken care of. that you can depend on
it. He's asking me to reassure you that He really IS
bigger than what you are struggling with."

"wow! wow....thank you. thank you so much
for your words."

i clicked off the phone.
my eyes shining. an ordinary
thursday. had been waiting all day
to see if Jesus had a job for me. i long
for these moments.

from me.
a woman reminding me i had a bill
to pay. the kind of call that gives me
shivers. anxiety. and out of the shadow
of doubt and charcoal rumblings, Jesus walks
in, and scatters stars and rainbows and balloons
and choirs everywhere.

be listening.
be watchful for a nudge.
Jesus is calling us in all kinds
of unexpected moments to touch
the world that has forgotten there really
is a Savior. a beautiful Redeemer.
yes, always room at the Cross for one more.


  1. thank you for this encouragement to be brave
    enough to follow the Lord's leading. i think i
    would have been too ashamed. i am absent
    minded and neglect bills from time to time
    and always feel terrible about it.

  2. I wish i was as attentive to HIS voice as you Ann. With all of the daily distractions it's hard for me to listen for that still small voice.

  3. takes practice listening and then following the prompting of Holy Spirit. can be attentive and obedient. Try it...ask God to purposefully show you one to minister to in the next 24 hours. Trust Him that He will do so! And then obey...with a work of encouragement, a gift of money, a physical touch, or a personal testimony about the love of Christ. Once you are faithful to practice this, God will keep bringing opportunities! I promise!
    A sister in Christ...deb :)