Sunday, October 27

an old,old hymn.
"I will not forget thee..."

when i was very small..
a young child...and someone
harmed me,You were there.
watching over me.

I will not forget thee.

when my father moved us
to hawaii, and i was eight,
and blue-eyed and white-skinned,
and ridiculed...You smiled down
on me. You had shaped me in
my mother's womb...with jan, a remove my isolation.
You comforted us when we had
brutal days, and walked home
from the bus stop, crying.

others might forget, but You
did not. You did not ever forget.

 in college chapel,
when we sang,
"my stubborn will at last i've
yielded..i would be Thine,
and Thine alone..." and i
surrendered the rest of my
life to You,You remembered,
and You have stood by me every
day all these years of mountains and valleys 
and fire and flood. You
have never abandoned or forsaken
me. when i've fallen and sinned......
and failed You...You have remained
close. You had already paid the
price; worn the thorn-covered
crown; hung on the roughly-
hewn cross...and had nails  
plunged into Your soft flesh. You
never forgot Your mission to
redeem us...and offer deliverance
to all who hunger for it. and

"there is a River...
that flows from Calvary...
come to the fountain that
never shall run dry."

i have raised four, beautiful sons.
lost a husband to cancer. been
a single mother. suffered sorrow
and loss as everyone has. i am
broken and have failed miserably...
but You always hear my moans...
and lead me out of desert lands...
to where rivers flow and choirs
sing and all our tears are washed
away. we are picked up, and
set on solid rocks.

rains and floods may come
and go...but Jesus doesn't
forget the road or the yearnings
of our bowed spirits.

He just doesn't forget.
never. ever.
"great is His faithfulness..
Lord, unto me...".

we might forget.
even often.
but Jesus never will.

"God is our Refuge and Strength.
always there in times of trouble."

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