Thursday, October 3

to another day   
where the damp earth
and crowded places 
grow quiet and prepare  
for the hours to come.

it happened a week ago.
7p.m. my surgery on my foot
where the bones never fused.
first, a five inch chunk was cut
around my hip bone to be placed
where weak bones were.

i promise i won't carve my blogs around feet......
and bunions and callouses.
but the wonders of' running
in the mountains of life with Jesus.

returning home. my casted foot
that is not to touch the ground
in 6 wks. came crashing 
to the floor, pounding cement
4 times; twice knocking the air
out of me. breaking several ribs.

so we fight the demons. robed
in black. we lay our victories at
Jesus's feet....and march on
to hear the victory Choir.

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