Friday, October 4

i had a friend that
i truly cherished.
her hair. her poise.
the way she loved others.
she did beautiful things for
my sons and me...and we just
adored her unconditionally.
we were family.

we longed to make her happy
because that's what she did
for us.

someone knocked on my
door the other day. laughed
and visited. no negative words
were uttered. we shared what
we love in each other. spoke
about what we love in others.

our favorite things to chatter
about were our children....and
what gifts they are...and our
dreams for their futures.

when Jesus got up to leave,
and thanked us all, we were
so amazed. suddenly, we recognized Him. 
tears streamed down our faces.

i looked at Him...
and then at you all,
and i wanted to love you more.

"more, more about Jesus..
more...more about Jesus..
more of His saving fullness
see..more of His love who
died for me."


  1. Thank you, Ann. I've always loved your writing and your thoughts. God bless you.

  2. Ann:
    I'm just skimming through your blog and seeing what life has brought your way in the many years since your book and story influenced me... maybe 35 years ago?? Yikes!

    I pray for God's healing after your surgery, and for his grace to mark your days and maybe even more... your nights, as you journey through this time.

    Keep trusting friend!


  3. Ann, I found this entry on another web site, ( It seemed important, so I am copying it here just in case you have not seen it. ~
    Joseph Kiemel??? | Posted January 12, 2011
    I have several old Bibles that belonged to Joseph Kiemel, who I think was your grandfather or great uncle. I'd love to send them to you. Please contact me at I remember hearing you speak at the Oregon City Nazarene Church before you were married and you have had a wonderful influence on my Christian walk and that of my niece. Thanks so much, Linda R