Sunday, October 20

"we walk by faith; not
by sight.."  2nd corinthians

faith is believing the sun is very 
soon to rise....though, at this 
moment, the darkened sky
swats out every thread of
light that begins to break through.
there is not even a knot of hope
that we can grab onto.

watching the sky.
stretching our sight as far down
the road as possible...
pacing. praying. crying out.
refusing to bend our backs or
shake our fists....because all
we have ever known about
this journey called life Christians...
is that Jesus never
fails.and if answers are going
to live, our faith must not be
compromised by sight!

i had to believe years for the birth
of our first child...with many
deaths and losses along the
way. to really see the power of Christ 
doing miracles against all
odds. Jesus brought us three
more. no amount of sight
could have done this.

the Spirit of God whets our
appetites by giving us a taste of what's ahead.

He puts a little of heaven in our
hearts so that we'll never settle
for less.  

cramped conditions?
fight on! 

our mission?
cheerfully pleasing God.
His Word carries the first
and last by pure, clean faith alone.

faith has never been so
difficult for me as today.
both my feet not properly
fixed by surgery. multiple
fractures of ribs from a fall.
faith. not sight.  just rock-solid

Jesus demands faith over
sight. trust over seeming
loss. what we think we see 
is nothing. Jesus says
faith for the unseen cancels
out all else.  

i can see the sunrise
even if the black waters
lap everywhere.

colben, brandt, jasmine

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