Friday, October 25

"worship the Lord your God,
and only Him. serve Him with abso-
lute single-mindedness..."
"the devil left. and in His place,
angels....came and took
care of Jesus' needs."

"there at the jordan river, those
who confessed their sins, were
baptized into a changed life.

"...a fire within
you....going to clean house..
and making a clean sweep..
everything new in its proper
place. God will place everything
true in its proper place..."

this is what i long for.
i want to be like Jesus.
love like He does. laugh and
play kick ball...with neighborhood
children...oh, i want a clean
heart. untarnished. caring more
about others than myself.

i'm silly.
i seem to worry
about what others think.
do you ever have that complexity?!  
scrubbed clean.....i want to shine
like a copper kettle.

i'm sick of this cast...left leg.
of this noisy walker. of my
lazy mind that drapes myself
over the slip-covered couch,
and pretends that if i forget, all
the business of my life will
slip away, and be lined up in order.

thank you for pain.
for what it is doing to
my misconstrued thoughts
and backward confusion.
i'm running, Jesus. with joy.
wait up, for me. for all of us
that are lagging behind....oh!
we need a Savior. You, 
yes, You....our Savior.

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