Sunday, October 20

in flannel, p.j. bottoms.
a long-sleeve, black,
cashmere sweater.
hair pulled back in
tight ponytail.

to battle
every single moment
of this day.

no phone calls.
no food fixed.
comfort in the arms
of Jesus. wrapped in
His strong arms of care.

i'm a runner.
to the house next door.
across the parking lot.
but for the second time
in a year, i'm reduced to
a walker. one leg carrying all
my weight. a tendency to
fall. 3wks. to go before i can wear
a boot. i'll feel i'm wearing
jimmy choo's heels. smile.

for every brave
survivor of a health problem.
for jan, with cancer.
do we ever appreciate anything
enough until we lose it?

let's make that our prayer:
"Jesus....may we love the
air on our skin. the colors
in every rainbow. the orange
and pinks spread across the
horizon of every sunset. good
health. sound sleep. the miracle
of every child. our pets. freedom
to worship...."

"Lord, be glorified.
be glorified.
be glorified
in us!!"
"may we live in faith...
and not sight. faith that
there is nothing too hard
for you. nothing that can't
be forgiven. that warm smiles
can bless everyone. that your
arm is never too short."

bless You, Jesus.
and may we most of all
never stop praising You
for the glorious Cross that
delivers us from all our sin..
and sets us free.


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