Wednesday, October 30

in hebrews,
discipline is a long-distance

this i understand well
because i am a long-
distance runner. it is not
easy for me to take on a five-
or-10 mile competition. with
my long legs and stretched-out,
narrow physique, i don't even pick up speed
for 10-12 miles.

marathons are my style.
26.2 miles. i have always
needed time to build momentum.
i always started each race very
relaxed and easy. as slow as
8-minute miles for the first
four or five....before picking
up speed; a fast rhythm.

the gun would go off.
my heart had been nourished
by God's Word. i always paid
my dues. would run 10-12 miles
every week day....and a 20-miler
on saturdays. they would all be
deposited in the bank until the day of race.  
when legs started flying,
and feet would start slapping the
pavement all around me, i would
start withdrawing from my bank 
account everything deposited
there in the previous months.

my upper body had become
strong by the way i used my
arms.....and, at the end of
every, single marathon, i would
come across the finish line
and throw up. all the training
miles now used. the account
now depleted. another race
completed; new lessons learned.

will i ever, again,
after all the surgeries
on my feet, be able to really
run again? only Jesus knows.

"strip down.
start running (again). and
never quit. no extra spiritual fat
no parasidic sins. keep your
eyes on Jesus, who both began and
finished this race we're in. study
how He did it..because He never
lost sight of where He was headed.....
that exhilarating finish
in and with God...the Cross,
shame, whatever.:"

"so don't sit around on your
hands..clear the path for long distance runners
so no one will trip and fall.  
help each other out and run for it!"
hebrews 12..the Message

i've had a hard run this last year.
but my passion for men's
souls burns with holy flame.
i don't want anyone to miss this
magnificent Savior. He's the
clean, morning sun..and the
afternoon breeze. He's every
song there is to sing...and all the
dreams painted across the sky.

life is all about the Race.
all about deliverance and 
freedom. Jesus owns the
story. the glory. every breath
is His, pumping through our
run. our love and passion.

we're out on this course
together. side by side. it's
long distance so let's set our
pace so we can make it to
the end.

let's not judge,
but cheer each other.
i love you!!!!

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