Thursday, October 10

"when i was desperate, i called out,
and God got me out of a tight

"God's angel set up a circle
around us while we pray.

"open your mouth and taste...
open your eyes and see me.
how good God is.
blessed are you who
run to Him.

"worship opens doors
to all His goodness...."

psalm 34
the message.

God always meets us
more than half way.
taylor needs him to.
brock really longs for
this mercy..
colson pleads for Jesus
to stretch his hope....
and brandt and jasmine
and my baby doll, colben,
have seen more of God's
mercy so this is a place of
God's shining.

do nothing of significance  
every day without a moment in
God's loving comfort.

"if ever i need you' tis now,
oh, Lord. i come. i come.."

arms spread wide..
into the tight embrace
of Jesus.
join me. we need
the strength of each other.

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