Thursday, October 24

the philosopher...

"prayer does not change God...
but the one who prays..."

transform me.
enlarge my vision.
plant the roots of love
and utter compassion and forgiveness 
deep within the innermost, winding halls
of my soul. quiet me.
soften my judgement.

and may i run to you.
and never stop burying
my face into the soft folds
of your favor .

running the Race.
fighting the wars of division
and contradiction. warriors
for salvation's cause; for the
music of Redemption.

that souls may be set free.
amen. amen.
that souls may be
set free.

as we pray for you,
and you for us....
let freedom ring.
let freedom ring


  1. burying your face in the soft folds of His favor--love this beautiful image!