Tuesday, October 15

i think Jesus has just
helped taylor earn a very
good job. woo-hooo!!

and he called his brothers
to check on them.  
"mom! i think brock seemed
happier than i've ever seen him.
get it, mom...really happy!!!
and brandt and jasmine and
colson appear well, too."

"sorry to miss you, mom.
we'll talk later. how are you,
mom? love you, mom."

beat the drums. dance around
those with fresh
hope. turn the choir volume up.
pull out the pipe organ. don the
choir robes. tap the shoes.
there are times in our lives when
the sun shines brighter. beautiful 
flowers of fresh surprises seem
to keep popping up all around us.

hold steady...
feel the ebb and flow
of life's rhythm.
times of joy. celebration.
taste these moments. laugh
easily. allow peace to roll
over you. storms are coming.
clouds will some day

hold on to the beautiful surprises
when they come...and draw from
their memories when the tides
change and courage is demanded.

"i'll tell the blessed story...
as i lay my burdens down.
'Jesus led me all the way."

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