Monday, March 18

beautiful, thoughtful gianni.
just turned six. one of my best-friend's sons.
endearing little boy.
a treasure.

his grandma was there helping..
baby number five had just arrived.

after school. change of
clothes. grandma walks in.

"where are your dirty clothes?"

"you will be upset if i tell you."
"no, i won't. where are they?"
"are you sure you won't be mad?"
"yes, i promise."

gianni opens his closet door,
and tere can see the dirty uniform
wadded up around corner in closet.

tere gets them.
"i'm going to show you that
i'm not upset by tsking them
to the laundry myself. because you
didn't lie."

truth. clean and unsullied.
let's strive for that today.
in Christ's power.
all for His glory. amen.

"and a child will lead them."

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