Sunday, March 17

up all night.
crying out.
Jehovah Rapha.
our Healer.
Jehovah Jirah. our Provider.
Savior to the world.
bless my little family.
bind us together.

love chords. woven and
roped and firmly fastened.

thank you for your prayers.
my son so upset. hadn't heard
from him since phone disconnect
yesterday. and then....

"mom, i call and vent with
you just to be heard. so i won't
lose it on the job. all your sons
come to you with all their private
struggles.. we trust you, mom.
you are the world's best mom!...."

"and I didn't know my brother here
was sad i didn't let him take me to
the doctor's. mom...we had a couple of beers last night..and we
are going to get together a lot more."

and the waters were smoothed.
snd the storm settled. and
my sons are on the same page.
and i see, again, thst prayer

"glory..glory hallelujah.
glory..glory hallelujah
His trutb is marching on..."

gather your children around you.
hug them tigjtly. paint crosses on their foreheads.
remember Jesus reigns.

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