Monday, March 4

the chimes.
listen to church bells as they,
with lethargic rhythm, let the
communities know it is the Sabbath.

what does that mean to us?
do we create a different stance
on God's day...or does it play
out the same as all others? i think
it is very lopsided in our mind.

taylor left for home friday evening.
my friend found a second walker
for me at the thrift store so I have
one at the top and bottom of my
stairs...and taylor situated me
downstairs. brandt, en route today
to fresno/clovis...stopped by. with
a big, cold, diet drink and candy.
he held my wounded feet in his
lap, and we talked about: life.

i feel 92 yrs. old. 2yr. old colben is
our family's star. more pictures
coming. "the greatest thing in all
my life is serving Him."

Sundays are for families.
i speak to my children.
i dance to the songs of the
Redeemed. no church for me
today because of the state of my feet...
but celebration is demanded. the music of the
redeemed. God's love and mine follow you today! ann

p.s. did i mention what a fantastic
job taylor did for me. 3 straight
weeks taking care of me? kudos!

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  1. I think your right about Sundays. So many of us, put on such a show when it comes to sunday. Sad, isn't it. I'm so glad you had Taylor there to help you and i know you'll be glad when u can walk on your other foot. Speedy healing to you ............... Your sounding so much better and i know you're gonna come through all of this soon. Be blessed much this week Ann........