Tuesday, March 19

stir the colors.
divide the wounds.
separate the pain.
remember the journey.
there are so many pieces
to life.

my view is so narrowed.
i am trying to paint a vision
and it feels crooked.

brandt and jasmine and colben
came to see me yesterday.
colben, with his bouncing
curls. his sparkling, dark eyes.
wow! for me.

jasmine and brandt quiet.
wondering where God is
sending them in may. i felt
the magic of love and family;
the yearning of youth with
a view mainly of mountains.
and very little frame of reference
with God to draw on.

i feel 97 yrs. old.
my cast must weigh 150lbs.
compared to my plummeting
weight of 112 lbs...and no
matter how much i'm eating.,
i still remain a waif.

"my eyes fail from looking upward."
isaiah 38

wounds come and pain attacks.
life is a rugged journey. BUT...
"come to me all you who are weary
and heavy-laden...and I will give
you rest." matthew 11:28

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