Monday, March 11

farther along.
around the bends in
all the roads. on the
other side of this latest
mountain in our lives.
farther along.

sometimes my legs become
shaky.  i feel anxious. my
children all have battles. some
harder than others.

brandt is done with the airforce
in may. a fireman, but willing to
do anything to care for his wife
and son. taylor, now with a degree,
but not knowing where to work.
college loans to pay off. etc. etc.

these feet.  hundreds of hours
on the couch. 10 days to go before
cast is removed. walker thrown
into some gully. and permission
to walk in a boot. i keep the Bible
and people magazine beside me.
sometimes, i fear too much of the
world and too little of Jesus.

each week, i'm driven to the dry
cleaners to see veronica. speaks
such little english, but hugs and
kisses and "i love you's"
covers the bases.  one day,
Jesus is going pull the curtain
aside..and give me the right
moment to lead veronica to
the Door. further along.

glorious sunshine.
wonderful freedom.
today, we may not be able
to see our mountains levelled
and our sorrows washed away.
but His Glory is coming. watch.
wait. i love you all. for today,
Jesus is enough. everything else?
further along.


  1. dearest ann....
    recently a friend said i reminded her of you.
    your simple faith.
    your love of Jesus and how you would share His love with neighbors, strangers, etc.
    i was humbled and honored.
    it had been years since i had heard your name...but curiosity got the best of me and i had to google you up!
    we share some of the same struggles, ann...
    but Jesus is enough.
    He has always been enough, tho sometimes i forget.
    many times i forget.
    but He never forgets, eh?
    thinking of you now, and praying for you and yours.
    would appreciate the same! i have children not serving Him.....heart-breaking.
    it's a hard knock life, but we continue the race, regardless.

    loving Jesus,
    loving people,

  2. I've been reading your book again. Gives me hope to press on and to trust Jesus just for one more day. Sometimes it seems like it's just too hard to keep going on but then i see just a little ray of hope that makes me want to try. The next ten days will most likely go slowly but it will all be worth it when the time is up. Hold on's coming. I know it must be awful. I had the back surgery and i have to wear this brace for six more weeks and i hate it, and i am in pain, uncomfortable, and so unbelievably exhausted. I have a hard time driving my car because of the pain but just like you i must endure it awhile longer. You're gonna make it! I'm praying for you and Jan. I am not anybody special but i do care about all of you. Be Blessed Ann! Love you.........