Thursday, March 7

"jump off a cliff. and build yourself
wings on the way down."
(ray bradberry)

i want to fly. not competitively.
not to show off. never to prove i'm
hot stuff. i want wings that can
glide with the winds of hard blows.
and never cave in and lose heart.

i want to go for it with
wherever life seems to be holding
out to me. i am God's. one chance
to live for Him.

jan and i made it to our dr.'s appt.
jan sat in her wheelchair. I sat on ...
jan's lap. and held the walker on
my lap. what a sight. tony, our friend,
our purses, and being pushed. today, all the pins were
yanked out the ends of our toes.
progress. well, so says the doctor.

will enclose a picture.
silly. funny. enjoy the silliness.

love you all.
i continue to be deeply moved by
your comments. let's be soldiers
of the glorious Cross. people are
helping veronica, my korean friend..
taking their dry cleaning there.

pray for every chance to love.
and watch the rising mist of God's
tenderness seek the brighter.
richer grace we all thirst for.
love, ann psalm 119

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the pic of you Jan.
    Glad you are better. Still praying.