Thursday, March 21

peniel: "i have seen God."  genesis

i have seen God in the wide
morning sky. i have seen God
gather the sorrows and ladle out
grace as vast as the oceans.
soothing the wounds. kissing
the tears.

my cast was sliced,
and removed. revealing
blood blisters and a peeling,
swollen foot. no boot for it
until today. and fresh pain coursing through my toes
and up my leg....tears
stinging my eyes.

send 100 balloons
skyward...and paint the
walls yellow and the doors
red. free. free at last. i can
walk unassisted. a few more
weeks of pain....but seeing

and like abraham,
i build an altar in my soul.
my cheeks are wet.
my eyes shining.

"great is the victory.
great is the victory..that
overcomes the world."

find a point of victory
where you live today.
call it Holy Ground.
Christ's power over
pain. over what feels
eternal..and you long
for it to be history.

warriors of the Call.
may we join hands.
weak. broken. young and
fit and old. run with us,
Jesus, run...until
we see the lights of
the glorious Jerusalem.
hallelujah. amen. grocery
store..excited..cast coming off
within hours

1 comment:

  1. Yayyyyy Ann! You look so happy! I am so glad you finally got the cast off! It gives me hope that i will finally be able to stop wearing this stupid back brace..... I am still having pain especially the nerves down both of my legs and i find myself thinking this is never gonna end but just by reading your blog, you have given me encouragment and HOPE! Together we will march to victory! Also.. i was wondering... the single mom you spoke about the other day.. do you think you could ask her if you could share her story? If not, i understand. Tell her i'm praying for her! GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I! HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!