Friday, March 29

Holy week.
Jesus knowing what
His father was preparing
Him to endure for the sins
of the world. our Savior,
bent in mercy and dread and
unwavering odedience.

sing the Gospel story.
wave the flags of praise.
dance to the beauty and
thrill of deliverance.

whiter than snow.
cleaner than clean.
once red as crimson.
now white as wool.

oh! i want the world to know.
i long for all to be free.
to have the Friend of all

"excuse me, sir.
please, ma'am...
little boy....
can i tell you my story?"

"would you like a soda?
a cup of coffee?
little girl, can we play dolls?"

just let the whole world
know. all who pass your way.
it starts with love. building
bridges instead of walls.
grasping a hand. sticking $20
into the palm of a single mother.
a smile so fresh. so wide. so
authentic...that the other one
will feel the warmth. will know
they are not alone.

there is nothing so tender
and magnificent as taking
someone's hand, and placing
it on the doorknob that opens
to Jesus' heart. absolutely
nothing. ask Jesus to annoint
you this week. in a special way.
i am doing the same. it is all
about being warriors of the Cross.

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  1. Have a Blessed Easter Ann and i do hope that you will be able to spend time with your family. There is no greater love than to lay down our lives for a friend...............