Wednesday, March 20

"my eyes have seen the Glory
of the coming of the Lord....
glory, glory, hallelujah..
His Truth is marching on."

Lord willing,..
jan and i get our casts off.
yes, we transfer to some kind
of ugly boots, but we will walk
again. no walkers. i sound like
we are pitiful. ungrateful.
whiners. but i am so excited.

going to sit in hot tub of
bubble bath for a long time

if i go out anywhere,
driven by someone,
i stop by the dry cleaners
to hug and kiss veronica.
my tiny, korean friend.
please don't forget to pray
for her.

thinking of all those
who must use walkers and
wheelchairs for life. i throw
my arms around you. kiss you.
place crowns on your heads.
heroes. all of you.

there will be new mountains
to climb. much-harder battles
to fight. but i'm going to
celebrate today for what it is.

find a seed of promise somewhere
in your life today, and join in
the parade. thank you for all
your prayer and support.

"God is Light..and in Him is no darkness at all."
1 john new testament.

i love you all!

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