Friday, March 8

when Jesus laid my four babies
in my arms, He spilled heaven in
my hair. every tree danced. the earth swelled and bulged wIth joy.
every single choir on earth sang lullabies.

with each birth and arrival of another son, i promised God that
i would run this Race of living with
new fortitude and passion. that I would not only do my very best in
training my children for His cause,
but invest myself in the lost and
hurting lives around me as never before.

oh! Jesus has been good to me.
my children are now in their twenties. from toddler age, they
drew people to me. any mother
trying to maneuver four, little boys,
3 yrs. old and under, would get
attention. i would get a chance to
tell my story, and God's.

to the God of glory.
to the King of Kings.
hallelujah. hallelujah.

i love my children and grandbaby
more than the early morning sky
and the afternoon sun. they came
at such a price. after so much pain
and sorrow. i share their pictures
so you will believe in miracles, too.
never give up. never. never. never.
the sunrise is coming for you, too.
more than the fresh, morning sky
and afternoon sun.

jasmine, ann, brandt, colben

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  1. Thank you for encouraging me to keep on looking up. My redeemer lives. Oh Ann, you are so appreciated for continuing to share your life with all of us. You help me to choose to keep serving him.Thank you for your continued obedience no matter the cost. Have a blessed weekend.