Saturday, March 16

i have learned the enemy really does
wear big, muddy boots. he storms
into our lives whenever he feels
lke it.
he is very clever, and
when he sees opportunities, he
grabs them.

one of my sons
became fearful for one
of his brothers. yep! the
devil moved in. alarming all of us.
he tried to make my one son
believe that we had all lost
respect for him.

i received a blistering call.
it was not pleasant. it had to
be my fault, and now he was sure
his brothers no longer had high regard for
him. the farthest thing from the
truth. my other kids think
he is the cat's meow. i..
believe he can do anything!!

i was crying.
the upset son hung up on
me. and his brother. i am
devastated. you must know
how tightly-yoked we are as a
family. we watch each other's
backs. when I say we are tight,
i mean it.

it is 2:30 a.m...
and i've been awake.
seeking the vast love of
my Savior. Husband...Father to
my children.

flow. River. flow.
"there is a River that flows from
oh, come, water. baptise our
spirits. wash away our pain.
oh...please remove the bruised
sting of hurt from good intentions.

the Blood. the Stain of divine
love that redeems what nothing
else can. please pray for us.

i now feel 93 yrs. old.
this walker. one toe that still
looks as swollen as a little
sausage. it feels eternal.
this journey.

run the Race. run.
straight for the Goal.

"what satan meant for harm, God will turn around for good."
genesis 50:20


  1. Helping 'the least of these' is mentioned in almost every book of Abba's word. It's part of His it should always be a part of ours as well.

    Thank you for all you do to help others and to Advance the Kingdom. We, as followers of Abba, are on this journey together.

  2. Ann, thank you for your honesty in sharing your family's struggles. I feel like I watched your boys grow up (through your books) and am glad to have the opportunity to pray for a specific need. As close and devoted as you all are, I know this will work out, but am so sorry for the unpleasantness while you are all going through it.