Friday, March 1

colben, jasmine, brandt

jasmine, my beautiful daughter-in-law

ann, jasmine

jasmine, ann, colben, brandt

jasmine, colben, ann

jasmine, colben, ann

uncle taylor, colben

these are God's answers to my
prayers. the rare gifts after many
losses. the glistening sunlight after
bruising darkness. these pictures
are just who we really are. our
essence. our silliness. a bond you
may not see, but i promise is fierce
and strong among us.

as a family, we have treaded the
edges of cliffs, and Jesus has
kept the guard rails up and His
powerful arms around us. we have
learned gratitude and humility and....watched God take nothing,
and make something out of it.
meeting all our needs.

losing all my financial wealth was
a gift. i believe children do better
with less than more. we had needs,
and Jesus met them. gratitude grew. no over indulgence.
God's ways are always the right ways.

forever indebted to the four, young,
courageous women who gave me the utter desires of my heart. and
to Jesus, the ultimate Giver.

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  1. So glad to see what Jasmine looks like. She is lovely. Love the pics and appreciate you sharing them. You have such a beautiful family.

    As a family we are learning daily about Abba's gifts and how to deal with finacial and health burdens. Father is great; He will always provide what is needed.