Saturday, December 28

Christmas, 2013
over. behind us. most trees
are still lit. children's eyes still shining.
the voice of silence, however, is
stepping back into malls and busy
sidewalks...and especially the decibels
of noise pounding in our brains:

how can i stretch the money?
what should i give...small
my children?  knowing hurting people,
and doing the best i could with what
i had.

it's been the best Christmas,
for me.
maybe because i've
dwelled in such pain and anxiety
all year...and when i watch the complete
devotion and love of my children for each other....
and treating me as if i were a million, sparkling lights
on the horizon. how could anyone not feel as if
i'm dancing on the sunrise?!!!!

please forgive my failure to do blogs.
i was bathing in the waters of Heaven.
my children were full of surprises. i mean
special, genuine love....and all your best
wishes ... and comments....and giving
made me know you would truly understand.

taylor, brock, colson, brandt and jasmine and colben
and i all send you the most heart-felt love and gratitude.
my sons LOVE to see people love me. truly. when i speak
to them about my inadequate and imperfect
they are, but that you all so care that even if it's a bad blog
day...or've stood with me. on Christmas...and
through today...when i tell them, their eyes become so large
and luminous. their faces break into looks of wonder. wide
smiles. that is how i love you. the way they love me.

Jesus, the Christ child.
"higher than we ever could imagine..
and closer than our eyes can ever see...
He is magnificent...." 10,000 reasons

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