Tuesday, December 24

Christmas eve.
"and the sky was bright
with a holy Light...
twas the birthday of
a King.."

courageous, for me.
i drove to monterey,
via san jose. brand new
routing. three-plus hours.
seeing one of my children
always takes my breath away. like
a gulp. a gasp. has taylor grown
a few more inches? and 
those chiseled, upper arms.
smile. mothers!

we fly out today..
for dallas, texas..where two
more sons are. two more miracle
wonders.  oh, may Jesus come
to us. may we hear the choirs
singing. and literally see the powerful love
the Christ child can
bring into a family. or friends now

pain, given to Jesus,
can truly provoke sunrise and
miracles. the more stark the pain,
the wider the vistas of blessing.
my greatest failure this past year
was not praising Jesus enough
in the shadows. my garden needs
to be better watered. the weeds

"though millions have come,
there's still room for one
there's room at the Cross
for you.."

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  1. I admire your honesty--sharing of good times and bad. Everyone of us can relate to heart ache, pain, disappointment, etc as well as some joy, happiness, and love. The honesty you share just makes us realize you are just as human as we are. Sharing your journey with us, helps us in ours. Prayers.