Saturday, December 14

his name is javier. in
the most dangerous part of
downtown Stockton.
standing at the window of
a fast food sort of place.
advanced road construction
had led me to areas unknown.

i pull in. walk to the open window.
javier appears. handsome, 30'ish,
hispanic. everything spotless
behind him. he's not shabby either.

"how about a crispy, big taco,
and a diet soda?"
"what? no checks or cards
accepted for pay?"

"i'll treat you!" he replies.
a radiant grin spreading from
one side of his face to the other.


"sir, i'm lost. i'm trying to get back to
lodi. i have a very sick sister.
i realize this isn't the most savory
area.....and as i've been praying,
Jesus seemed to take over the
wheels. whipping me directly in
front of your eatery. do you think
it's possible to take me, with vast
limitations, and put me back on
l5 south? one person, ordinary,
with a giant God, can do anything.
at least, my father, a preacher, 
always taught me this.

i received a free dinner. a very
every-day woman, plus the blessing of God.  
was able to talk about
Jesus. found the right freeway.
i wasn't mugged, and called
javier.. and continued 
our Jesus talk from where we'd
left off the night  before.

"isn't the love of Jesus something
wonderful?  wonderful...wonderful?
isn't the love of Jesus something
wonderful.?! ....wonderful He is to

javier was my assignment
that remind him Jesus
really pays.

"I'm baptising you in the river,
turning your old life in for a
Kingdom life. changing you from
the inside out..God is cleaning
house..making a clean sweep."

in this holiest of seasons,
the birth of the Christ child...Who
was born to be our Redeemer..
may our hearts be quiet. listening.
at every moment on call.

"glory, glory hallelujah...
His truth is marching on!!!!!"

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  1. May the words shared with Javier grow and bloom in his heart and flow through him to others.