Tuesday, December 17

the lights are getting brighter.
my hope is hanging from the
limbs. the joys and carols
are wooing me. the cold ice
and wind are unfolding the
magnificent glory of a briliant,
great news.....Jesus lives.
oh...yes sir....and with Him
comes the sound of His carols
lifting hope that warms the cold
nights..and broken, fighting

"oh, holy night, the stars are
brightly shining.....
it is the night of the dear
Savior's birth."

i love you all.
the sadness is being
eclipsed by the giggles of
young children. let's set our
sights on the victories. of the past,
and the miracles of the tomorrows.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful comment for all of us...let's set our sights on the victories and the miracles to come....and keep our eyes always on the One or we sink below the waves.You are a gift to me Ann,keeping writing.