Saturday, January 26

a gray morning. rain.
but nothing can shut the sun's
warmth out when we have

"bless the Lord, oh, my soul...
oh, my soul. bless His holy
Name....worship His holy Name.
worship His Holy Name."

taylor drove up from monterey.
"mom, tomorrow we are just
going to hang out. i'm going to
help find a better table for your
t.v....and we could go to a movie.
anything that sounds good to you."

we were making his bed on the
couch. truly, a wonderful son. he
had put his arms around me, and
was giving me a tight hug.

not one night in weeks have I
slept clear through until last
night. I forgot how incredibly
peaceful that is. one of my sweet
sons home. not alone. wrapped in

"worship His holy Name.
worship His holy Name."
10, 000 reasons


  1. The blessing of adult children is great! Peace and Joy today with your son, ann!

  2. Shame on crule christians. Like thumper's mother said "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"! maybe christians should also practice this.

  3. christians are the only ones who "shoot THEIR wounded"...shame on us. You put yourself out there "HOLES AND ALL" to share with us and be real! Thank you! If we are not real with each other, who can we be real with. That is why the "world" knows this...why can't the church? What is a blessing to one person can make another one say such things...I don't understand. One person in the church did that to me...and I left that church. Another had just come up and commented what a blessing my granddaughter was to her worship...and another person let me have it for "ruining her worship with my granddaughter present". Needless to say my granddaughter and I don't go to that churhc anymore! People need to think before they say things. So sorry Ann. Jesus had "holes" too...that's why He understands ours. Love you lots.

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but truly, Ann, when you are honest, vulnerable, sharing hurts, worries, insecurities and how Spirit and Abba work in your life through all that--that is when your words speak to me the most. It would be wonderful if all of life was full of happiness and positive things, but it's not. It is often in those times when we are most insecure and weak, that Spirit and Abba reveal to us their character and nature.

    I don't thing the person who said that to you was being cruel or mean. I think that they really believed that they were helping you. When we have someone in our lives who truly want to help us (even if we or others feel they are misguided) it is a blessing.

    I do wish, you could visit our sites, get to know us a little better.

    So glad one of your sons was there with you. How wonderful to get to spend a little time with Taylor. I know you enjoyed every momment.