Tuesday, January 8

talk about real things

I go to a korean dry cleaners
because they are in my neighborhood.
veronica. the wife.
loves my clothes. or...maybe it's
my style. though don't be impressed.

dropping things on the counter,
i throw my arms around her and
give her a kiss. I am never sure
how much english she understands,
but she reciprocates. and I always
tell her I love her. she's tiny. precious.

today..I mentioned that she works
so many hours. she stopped.
thoughtful look on her face.

in broken english,
she said, "i'm lonely. all family
in korea. i tell my sister about u.
my one friend. can't stay home
with so many thoughts in my mind."

"veronica, we are going
to get together. talk about real
things. I really love you. I didn't
know...." another hug and kiss.
"I love u."

three years building the bridge.
now I must find a way to really
connect. to love her and introduce
her to Jesus.

"how marvelous...
how wonderful...and my song
shall ever be.
how marvelous..how wonderful
is my Savior's love for me." for
all of us. especially you!!!!


  1. Smiling because the woman at my dry cleaners is also named Veronica and is someone I am trying to love in Jesus name... I can now pray for both Veronica's.