Friday, January 18

thank you for your prayers for brock.
thank you so much!!!
the emergency room doctors were
thorough, and found he had an inflamed
pancreas. maybe i've shared this with you.
amazing, after three nights in the hospital, brock
caught a flight the next morning for california, and
played bass in his old band. the biggest concert
of his life. amazing, glorious God. he is back in
dallas. working every day for bank of america.
always carrying dreams in his heart of travelling the
world with a band. with music torching through the
heaviness of living.

oh, Lord, do you think
it could be an honest to goodness
Christian band? no music, but God's music,
can REALLY change the world.

brock said,
"mom, i'm texting you a picture of the stage
and audience to show your friends on your blog."
it is so frustrating to me that i am such a technical
idiot. i cannot figure out how to do this, but if i find
someone who can, you can see where brock performed.
i'm so proud of him...and of God who blessed him with
this talent!

on the phone,
i told my friend how disappointed i've been in myself.
she said, "ann, are you disappointed in your children?"
it took me a second.
"no, of course not! i am so PROUD to be their mom.
so blessed by all the love they have for each other and
for me. of their independence and strong work ethic, and
kind, beautiful hearts."

"well, that is how God feels about you
as His child. He knows you are imperfect, but He is
so happy and proud to call you His own. of course, He
sees things you can work i'm sure you do with your
children...but He is not disappointed in you."

i tasted those sweet, beautiful words.
rolled them around in my mouth. so delicious
and comforting to think of God as being proud to
call me His child. that He loves me so much inspite
of all my imperfections. it was like a banquet feast.
dessert included. my heart is still melted and moved
by this truth. all my life, i have longed to be perfect ENOUGH
for God. children don't have to be perfect. period.
they are so much more than i could ever have imagined.
my entire concern is about their hearts. the rest has to be
taken care of by God Himself. and their hearts are beautiful.
and oh, if a mother ever loved her children, i am that mother.
to think of Jesus loving me like this brings tears to my eyes.

"He is higher than we ever can imagine...
and closer than our eyes can ever see. He
is magnificent....He alone is worthy...magnificent!"
10,000 reasons

celebrate today!
you are utterly loved and treasured and
adored and priceless to God. the Lord of Lords.
and King of Kings. no matter how fallen and broken.
just so loved!

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  1. Wonderful meditation.I think that we all unconciously try to earn His love.But do my kids earn mine? No,it is just fully,extravagantly there.Thank you for this.