Friday, January 11

there is something about
Bible study. something rooted
and deep. like a quiet, powerful river that pulls me and all my
superficial fears and yearnings
down into the river-bed of God's
magnificent depths of kindness
and grace.

last night, we studied abraham.
his blind, unwavering faith in God's
promises. especially the seemingly-
impossible ones. he was God's friend.
they talked together.

this morning, in the dark,
brock called. "mom, i'm in
terrible pain...and i have to catch
my plane. it's in my lower back.
what should I do?"

"oh, darling, you have to get to
an emergency room."

I threw off my blankets, and fell on
my face before God. He's my best
Friend, too. I find it amazing, every
day, that Jesus and i can talk together.
just like abraham and God. like noah and king david and
saint paul...and mary magdalene.

brock's old band was extremely popular, and organizers have sold
out a big concert. even as I write,
brock is at an emergency room. the
air lines assured him he can rebook
without charge. I am waiting to
hear from my son, but God has
comforted me that he is going to
be okay.

don't run this Race without God's
Word in your heart daily. I have been
whining to you about how down
i've been when I should have been
reading more in my Bible. I confess
it is a hard discipline for me.

i never do my Bible study notes
every day. it is always a wild ride
to finish before the monday night
meeting. i love to read...always have
a book close by. it is a battle for me
almost every day to grab the Bible

Jesus is our Shield.
"those who know Your Name will
put their trust in You. Lord, You
have not forsaken those who seek
You." psalm 9

oh, Lord, I cry out. I long to seek
You more. be merciful to me. be
merciful. amen.


  1. Thank you for sharing your struggles to read the Bible. I too have so many books I want to read, and it is a matter of discipline. Will be praying for Brock. Please keep us posted on his health. Love and prayers.

  2. i also have a problem with my bible reading. it seems when things are so messed up in my life that's when i really get into wrong is that?... wow, it's so nice to know that you're just like us and the awesome thing is that you let us know that you're not fake. bless you ann and keep running the race... you are encouraging to me even if you think you whine... don't be so hard on yourself.. Jesus is proud of you.....