Thursday, January 31

i dropped a dress off at the cleaners.
veronica came running.
between the counters. arms flung
wide; ready to embrace me. i
wrapped her in all the love of my
heart, and kissed her cheeks as she
did mine.

"hi, veronica. I love you!"
"oh, ann," in broken English, "I love YOU!"

as I was leaving,
she clasped her hands together.
eyes shining and happy.
"oh, ann, you make my day!"

I can't open the door. i'm transfixed
by such glee.. such joy. such love. oh......
Jesus, show me how to love
veronica to You. please Jesus.
do i take her one of my simple,
little books? she has no idea i'm
a writer. just show me, Lord.
write Your insructions across my

oh, if you could just meet dotti,
my pastor's wife. she's a dream.
a graduate of julliard. mother of
three grown sons. and a warrior
of all warrriors. leads a prayer and
healing ministry. human and fun
and loving...and sassy and beautiful
and completely focused on Jesus.

last night, she started her prayer
class. this is my third year to attend.
i came home, changed by the first
lecture. hungry for every morsel
she hands us to digest. starving for
a fresh touch from God. to run the
road closest to God's heart.

prayer is talking to and listening
from God. the Divine and human
connecting. at a specific time and
place every day. listen to this: she
is a night person, and she meets
Jesus every morning at 5:30 a.m..
i so want to commit to that hour. i
long for that discipline i had back in
my peak running days. marathon
training. being faithful to Jesus is
a marathon. the ultimate Race.

as a young, pastor's wife,
she committed to one hour of prayer a day.
real prayer costs us
something, and satan will do
everything to stop us.
dotti's commitment was not just an hour a
day...but one hour every day FOR

"call unto Me, and I will show you
great and mighty things you know not. call unto

i'm calling, Jesus.
i want to hear You. i need more
power in my life.
coming, Lord. coming.


  1. Ann, this was part of my devotion today and I just felt the need to share:

    How can any of us hate and devalue ourselves when God “did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all”? (Romans 8:32). I hope and pray that you can come to accept this divine mystery of how much God loves you just as you are, unworthy, yet deeply valued.
    Unable to earn the love but knowing there is no need to earn it.

    All you have to do is accept it. Don’t be like those who know of God’s love but have never experienced it. Experience it!

    For it belongs to you.

    Excerpted fromMore Jesus, Less Religion by Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton

    1. thank you. God is really helping me. i appreciate your prayers. love, ann