Tuesday, January 1

Jesus is our GPS

the last day of 2012.
all my children back where they
live. I spent Sunday with tom and
jan in Sacramento. tom left to be
at church on time. we followed in
my car 12 minutes later. my sense
of direction is poor...and jan's is
10pts. below that.

driving and looking.
jan saying we were headed for
14th and k. tom later informed us
the church was on L and 22nd.

finally. before life and limb lost,
I pulled into a quiet gas station. young
indian kid. weak hand-shake.

have you any idea where
first baptist church might be?
I asked. zero faith.

"not sure. maybe."
I stretched my hand out.
"do you happen to know Jesus?"
"yes! yes. I do!"
"well...if we can't find our way...
i know I've had a moment of communion
with one of God's!"

tears in both our eyes.
I crawl into that snazzy, little acura
from you all. tell jan to hold on; that
I've touched the hand of God.
positive we are on our way.

pushing in my 10,000 reasons
cd..and I'm suddenly lifted in

"He is higher than we ever can
imagine...and closer than our
eyes can ever see....He is magnificent...."

finally, we headed back
to the house. via freeway.
tina..where are you? that cd has
changed my life.

five minutes in a gas station...and
my last day in 2012 sealed the
deal. in the lost, desolate streets
of a crazy world, Jesus came.
my GPS wasn't helping. we had
no address to type in.

it is now 2013. Jesus is our GPS.
don't get lost in the seemingly-
minuscule moments along the
journey. Jesus teaches us to
find Him everywhere.

a blessed 2013.
a clean, unmarred journey
ahead. march on, stalwart soldiers.
march on.

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