Wednesday, January 2

we are broken souls

was just wondering...
do your grocers know you? the
Asian woman at the dry cleaners
who speaks poor english, but you
communicate every time you take
clothes in? the neighbors two doors
down from where you live?

are some of your close friends
those who don't know Jesus ?
but shining eyes and daily acts
of kindness are drawing them?

access 2012.
ask Jesus for spiritual lessons
you've learned. for places where
you missed the mark...and those
crucial times you were quiet enough
to hear God's voice and hit the
bullseye of the Lord'blessing with
some one.

I get so caught up in living that I
forget sometimes to really be
about my Lord's business. but to
change the world, we must remain

so much about a new year.
about this journey ahead. the clean
sheet that seems to get so quickly

always remember that we are broken souls.
it is the brokenness
that God is always seeking. because
His strength is made perfect in our

from my youth,
new year's eve is always a serious
day. have I climbed higher and
farther...or dropped. sagging closer
to a dangerous precipice? have I
fought a better fight? are my feet more

will you pray for my children and
me? that we'll run faster. pick each
other up quicker?

brandt was trying to get ahold of
colson and learned his cell had been
cut off until pay day. brandt
just paid his bill for him....and got
to talk with his brother. no comment.
we learned from colson.

do we cover each other's backs?
are we selfish when others' need
what we'd like more?

just thinking.
praying for us all


  1. " about our Father's caught up in living."...perfect!This is just where I am being led...and humility...

  2. This was timely for me... The Lord continues to put Veronica, my friend at the dry cleaners on my heart. I don't know if she knows Jesus...but her spirit is one that is loving and giving and always joyful. I want to do something special for her in that she works more hours than most of us and in conditions that many of us would not tolerate. Thank you for the reminder to let her know that she blesses me.
    Have a blessed New Year...

  3. Hi Ann!
    I gave your book[Change My world...] to another vet who is struggling with various probs. Her name is Lisa. I gave her the Gospel, but she believes salvation is a process thru her religion.
    i shared my testimony as I was part of that system as well.Keep on for the Lord! You are very right, Christians need to be salt and light and get to know those around them.