Tuesday, January 15

we are a passionate lot.
people better not mess with our
children. so many suffering
from drug-addicted children. out
there somewhere. sleeping in
cars. estranged from family.

I don't know what i'd do.
shattering. never do I have answers for anyone.
I throw my arms around mothers' necks.
promise to pray. no black and
white answers. there are none.

mothers who left their children
with people...and went on to careers.
never thinking of repercussions down the road.

forgiven. the Blood of Jesus covers
it all. mothers live with such guilt.
treading cold waters of regret and
self- punishment. I will only know
true peace when taylor, brock, colson
and brandt are safe in the Shadow of the Almighty.
in the sweet by and by.

encourage every mother who
passes your way. we all need it.
it seems one of my children is always in crisis.
not drugs...but
who knows anything down the road.

brock is well. what a scary few days.
he made it to his concert in
santa ana. played. flew home. weak,
but well. back to b.of a., paying
bills. thank you sll for praying.
sooo much.

pray, mothers.
cry out. our only weapon. brandt
is getting home from deployment.
scared because he's leaving the air
force after six years. can he still
take good care of his wife and
family? taylor is post-grad in film.
looking for any work to pay off loans.
colson is running a mcdonald's. he sure knows how to
do it. riding a bike back and forth.
someone at bsf said when we worry
we become athiests momentarily.

let's join hands.
know God has our "babies" in
His care. next blog will try and
show brock's concert...but thought
you'd like these following pics of


  1. It is a honor to be mother for sure after 20 years of trying to have a child we have adopted. She is our angel and your right Ann there is nothing I would not do for her and pray every day for God to have his arms around her and anyone in her path to be blessed and bless her back Thank You

  2. So glad that Brock made it to his concert and that he is on the mend. I have a son 26 who is trying to get away from so called influences and is having a hard time. His name is Josh. Please pray for him. All of our children need Jesus so desperately. You have some great kids and i know that you love them so much. Your a great mom Ann! wow, i never thought about being an atheist momentarily.....you're right:( that hits hard, when i sat there and thought about it.. i just need to trust and obey cuz there's no other way...............thank God for you Ann Kiemel Anderson.................

  3. The statement about becoming an athiest when we worry really speaks to me. So, so, so true. Thank you for helping me. I don't have children of my own but each year I get an entire room of first graders to love and pray over. Thanks again Ann. You are a treasure. Love and prayers.

  4. We Moms never quit parenting our adult children, just in different ways. Satan likes to come in & remind me of all the ways I think I failed as a mother, but my husband always tells me that our kids are the wonderful people they are because they had me as a mother. I tend to listen to Satan more & get really down on myself & need to pray more for them instead of worrying. Your words about being an athiest momentarily really hit me here. You remind me that I need to be down on my knees daily praying for my oldest son who used to be so on fire for the Lord, but claims now that he doesn't think he is there, because of medical issues with his 2 children. He has prayed & prayed for them & they haven't been healed. I have been praying for the words to talk to him about this without being preachy. Please pray for me with this. Thanks so much for your writing. I have been so excited to find you again.