Thursday, January 10

it was very dark.
early morning. my phone rang.
one of my sons.
just wanting to talk.

after we were done,
i flung the covers back,
and got down on my face
by my bed. lying prostrate before
the ONLY One who can see our children
through life.

Jesus is so close to me in those
moments. He is always right there.
no wait time. no shame. no apologies to
be made. just a mother crying out for her children.
every muscle and bone and vein and finger-tip of my
being belongs to these four sons i love so deeply.

"He's higher than we ever can imagine...
and closer than our eyes can see....magnificent!!
He alone is holy...worship..worship.." 10,000 reasons cd

i may not quote every word exactly,
but this cd has taught me worship on a level
never before known. annointed.

so, today....
wherever your children are...and you...
remember God is ENOUGH. His arm will
NEVER be too short. His robe out of reach.
our voices too distant for Him to hear. i bury
my face in His vast arms and speak every longing
and concern and fear to Him. you can, too.
as i've said, He's waiting!


  1. Thanks Ann! Really needed this encouragement! .....Right at the edge of what appears like a financial cliff and my heart is in panic mode....I just started praising God in the middle of my fear....I know He will get me through...He has done it for all the 20+ years I've been a single mom.....Love you and appreciate your courage and faith! You ARE making a difference in the lives of many!!!


  2. So appreciated this blog. It is such a comfort to know Jesus is always near. Love and prayers.