Saturday, January 12

i am finally at the close of a very
long day. and again, Jesus has
been utterly faithful.
three times, i've crawled back under the covers
because i became fearful and felt
so alone. yet Jesus stuck with me.

brock is hospitalized with an inflamed pancreas.
i broke into tears and then remembered that
early this morning, on my face before Jesus,
He had assured me brock would be okay. and i am so
thankful his girlfriend is with him.
i would lie in a swamp next to my
child if he were there, sick.

today, i received an incredible card in the mail,
and it so moved me that i invited all the sunrise in
and let every wall and crevice of my heart
to bask in the warmth of miracles.

i had dinner with friends, and we
went to celebrate recovery together.
listening to other, broken women
reminded me how merciful God is to
all of us. and everyone is broken.
i must never forget my assignment
to help Jesus change the world.
every day. ordinary and simple as i am.

finally, i want to thank each of you
that has sent me beautiful comments. you will never know
how deeply they move me and inspire me.
your love and kindness are like hot soup on a cold-swept
day to a hungry beggar. i wash
my face and pull on my uggs and
feel bold in Jesus...and go out to
make a difference. in more than
uggs, of course. smile.

"i will trust and not be afraid; for Yah, the Lord,
is my Strength and Song."

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  1. Keep reminding us to trust in Jesus. This morning I was under the covers praying for a way out of teaching an art class at noon. I teach reading. Jesus didn't give me a way out but He did give me strength. Jesus never fails...Jesus never fails..i will trust and not be afraid. Love and prayers!!!!