Wednesday, January 30

taylor and i head for the gym.
it draws us like magnets. and
i think i can get him some free
passes. gabe, the manager, is
cool. something warm and humble
about him. no airs.

the gym is swarming with brawn
and sweat and noise. some real
athletes; others working at it. the
guy running next to me is moaning
and making weird noises. the guys
around me stare at him. catch my
eyes...and we share private smiles.
I want to tell him i've run 15 miles,
without a sound...but I choose grace.
five miles and an hour of
continual motion. that's as far as
I took it tonight.

taylor is always in the weights section,
and has chiseled upper
arms as all my sons have. I realize
i'm not going to make it to Bible Study Fellowship even
though my Bible and notes are in the car.
it's going to alter my week.
I learn so much in Bible study.

people have been commenting on
my blogs. speaking of the seemingly
unconditional love I have for my
children, but how tough I am on myself..
starting on character defects in my 12-step study,
I hope to learn what i'm missing. please be
praying for me.

eight days before brandt returns
from deployment. please pray
colson's boss will let him come
home, too. a complete family to
celebrate our love...and all we've
been through together.

thanks to those who point out short-comings...
and those who reassure me i'm doing this blog
just fine. i've learned there is at
least a thread of truth in every
criticism i've ever been handed.
how I long to learn and grow and
be all you and Jesus need me to be.

God promises He is going before us
and guide us in everything we will
face this week. march forward,
fellow warriors. let's see where
Jesus takes us this week. i'm
counting on changing the world.
one person at a time....and I love
you all so much!! Isaiah 51

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  1. Letting Jesus be Lord. And loving people to Him. That's how we win the race. Here's my hand, beloved. Pacing you. Running alongside. Live courage. Live grace. Decades further on now. Still we run. Still we change our world. Still we run to win, to finish strong.