Friday, June 7

here is taylor as he heads
back to monterey. computer
all back in one piece. genius
stuff for me. it's so great to
have my children visit. to have
them flop across the bed and
talk. show me something i can't
figure out on this phone.

i don't know exactly what it is,
but my kids and i are just secure
when we're together. we seem
to see the best in each other.
to feel safe. it's about the wars,
i think. the battles and hardships.
puzzle pieces fitting together so we are each
protected on every side. backs
against each other to lean on.

jasmine, my daughter now(brandt's
wife) is so treasured by me.
she's seen me as i really am...
and has a bad ankle from boot
camp so she understands
this foot ordeal. she had all of
us in the delivery room when
colben was born. i kiss her
and wish, with all my heart,
that my skin was dark like

we are all broken...
but it works best like that.
our faults and hurts draw us
together, and one doesn't just
walk away easily from your
best buddies in the world. i
mean, we've seen each other
cry. naked. fighting. failing.
nothing can really be hidden.

"I will restore to you health,
and heal your wounds..declares
the Lord." jeremiah 30:17

may Jesus heal all the wounds
your families carry. may He
bring health to the hard edges
that seem to cut and tear at
each other in the circle. i say if
you have more than one child,
one of them will always keep you
very humble. just where we need
to be.

out of the blue,
two people contributed to
my loving my world to Jesus.
it is not in me, truly, to ask
anyone for money. i didn't even
know the request for a car was
listed by someone on my blog
page. i will never get over that
miracle! and the gifts today.

all of you have become a part
of the children and me. if you
have prayed. sent me a card.
forgiven all the failures i confess
to. if you have stood beside my
children and me, it means everything. i will ALWAYS run
beside you. always. you and
Jesus and me and my children.
we will change the world.

you watch. you wait. you'll see.

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