Sunday, June 30

are you feeling weary..

"i feel like traveling on.
the Lord has been so good
to me...i feel like traveling on..."

"are you feeling weary,
heavy-laden. tell it to Jesus.
tell it to Jesus...."

i had a stalwart, dead-center
Christian. someone millions
have looked up to. he was on
the phone. wondering how the
battle was going with me. my
friend? he was plain tired of the

have we forgotten
that God delivers
us from the paws of
the lions?!

fellow warriors,
run for the victory that
overcomes the world.
let the tears flow. let the
rocks and gravel knock us
to the ground ..... but get
up. grab an outstretched
hand. balance back on your
feet. and never be deterred
by the difficulties. we are running
to win. at any cost.

thank you for all the prayers
for jan and me. they mean
everything to us. have a holy
Sabbath. amen.


  1. Thank you, Ann, for continuing to bring up these old, priceless, rich songs. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into your blog.

  2. Sometimes we feel that the battles, or the temptations, are an indication that we are unprotected or unloved by our Great God. It is the proof that we are considered worthy of the battle. Even when the trial exposes our weaknesses we can have hope that those are areas in line for strengthening by God's ongoing sanctification system. What a time to be called to represent Christ. High and holy days these are.