Tuesday, June 4

"take a long, loving look at Me,
your high God. above politics,
and everything....

"Jacob-wrestling God fights
for us. God-of-angel-armies
protects us."
ps.46 The Message

monday morning.
take a deep breath.
a fresh day with God.
new beginning of a week.

i plan to be quiet.
well, as thoughtful and
peaceful and few of words
as is possible for ann kiemel
anderson. smile.

one of the most difficult
pieces of this foot-healing
process is that i've been
separated from the world.
not running. few errands.
off feet as much as possible.
and i'm lonely for the world.

you know.
all those that need a smile.
a hug. a kind word. so many
hungry for Jesus...and just
don't know. how often
does the world hear the name
of Jesus? i want to be out there.

four of my blogs have just
disappeared right off the screen.
gone! forever!! please know i
work to get a blog out every
day, but with me, we are dealing
with a tech wannabe. will keep
working on this.

remember. we are running
the BIG Race. it's a battle.
some can't run very fast. some
trip and fall frequently.

so...run in love.
run to win.
run with patience and
kindness toward all.
and be quiet enough to
hear God's voice along the

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  1. Praying as you navigate this part of your journey.