Wednesday, June 12's 2 p.m..
surgery accomplished .. 
no complications.  appears

Jesus says, "come unto Me."
with all our burdens and
weariness and unsolved
mysteries and questions.

you rest.

well, i came to Jesus today.
and when i arrived in the Temple
of His glorious Presence, i
found many of you there, too.
praying for me. praising our
glorious Savior.

i don't know exactly where
Jesus is leading all of us.  i
simply grasp that He is.
thank you, beyond words,
for being in my life.  

the numbing medication
is starting to wear off on my foot.
i am trusting Jesus to see me
through.  my doctor warned me
it could be tough the next  few
days.  but i wanted you all to
know the picture.  with so much
gratitude and love.....

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  1. Praying for you and will not stop.................Be strong and courageous. We will have trials and tribulations but HE has overcome the world....... i realize these are not all in the same books or verses. It just came to you.................