Sunday, June 16

"strip down. start running...and
never quit!   no extra spiritual fat, 
no parasitic sins.  keep your  eyes on Jesus, Who both began and
finished this Race we're in.

"Jesus never lost sight of where He
was headed...that exhilarating
finish in and with God."  hebrews 12

three days post-op.
i can feel your prayers
every day.  i don't know when
i can run again, but my eyes are
on the Goal.  i am claiming the
healing you all have been praying
tomorrow is father's day.
i am always sad because my
children have no father. i'm praying that some of you men will reach
out and wrap your arms not
only around your children....but
someone on the outside without
a father.

there have been some very
gracious men in the last, almost
thirteen years since will died.
men who have encircled my
sons with love and compassion.
and i will never forget.

"so clear the path for long-distance
runners so no one will trip and fall.  
help each other out. and run 
for it."  hebrews 12

a beautiful, blessed father's day.
i celebrate each of you.
may we ALL run straight to the
Finish Line.

special love to nash ream, 
my nephew, who is running the
san francisco marathon today.

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  1. So encouraging to hear from you this morning. You will be running again soon! My sons father lives in NM and is not here to help me. Please pray for him that he will be able to come out soon and take us all back to NY to be near my other son Josh. We are partners in this and we will hit the finish line together, not just you and i but every partner of your ministry, you wait, you watch, you'll to you and your family....................