Friday, June 28

"it's a beautiful day in the

remember mr. rogers?
taylor and brock LOVED
the familiar routine of his
taking off his sweater,
and hanging it in the closet.
children need consistency.

"good morning, Jesus!"
no matter how i feel when
i open my eyes every morning,
i LOVE Jesus. He's been my
Comrade all my life. i've laughed
with Him. sobbed. and i've
always been thankful for another
day of life.

"why my soul art thou downcast?
why so disturbed within me? put
your hope in God. for i will yet
praise Him. my Savior and my
God." psalm 42:11

I have one son who is living
with a girl. one out of four.
oh, he is truly brilliant and
incredible...and my heart is
so tightly squeezed around
him in love. he makes me so
proud. his heart marches to
a rhythm of trust in Jesus.

"but this is about love, mom.
real, honest to goodness love."

i love him madly.
i know he is young.

"see that young man over there?
that's my son. i'm the richest
lady in the world. i get to be
his mom. nothing can altar my

again, prayer is my weapon.
as a mother, i cry out. and i
don't harass my children. i
taught them the love and laws
of God for many years. i
continue to believe Jesus can
lead my sons to truth. that un-
conditional love wins.

have a beautiful week-end.
look for the poor and broken.
remember..except for the grace
of God...there we are headed.
i love you....all.

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  1. I love your new blog and it's colors! You are such an inspiration to me and when i keep reading your blogs it builds me up. I so appreciate you. Even when things are so hard for you, you still stay focused and steady and leaning and trusting God. I admire that. You make me want to be a better u...............