Monday, June 3

they made it!  safely!
brandt and jasmine.
2yr.old colben.
2 dogs in a kennel of a
packed suv.

they drove straight through.
california to pennsylvania.
called the economy plan.
angels' wings flapping as
they followed my children;
guaranteeing safety to
the end.  brandt starts work
in harrisburg june 6.

he got the job!!!
he got the job!!!!
praise Jesus Almighty.
he's a firefighter in the united
states.  three hours from
jasmine's family.

i am so humbled.
Jesus hears every mother
crying out
for her children.

colben, ann

colson now has two jobs..
he manages mcdonald's,
and picked up another part-time
position.   he carries his wallet
with him; id enclosed.  no

"mom, it's the best way for me
to make it.  even if i'm tempted, i
don't have any money to spend.
i have to keep remembering that i
am poor.  that every dollar counts."

taylor and brock have been working
with colson.  helping him to come up with
a system for his money.  they have spent
hours on the phone.  back and forth to each other.

makes me think of the verses in
ecclesiastes 4....
"it's better to have a partner than go it alone.
share the work. share the wealth.
and if one falls down, the other helps.
but if there's no one to help, tough!

"by yourself, you're unprotected.
with a friend, you can face the worst..."

and my favorite:
"a three-stranded rope
isn't easily snapped..."

Jesus, plus two brothers, equals three.
it's one of the most beautiful things i've ever
observed.  my sons always watching each others'
backs.  the strength of three-stranded rope.

taylor is here for the week-end.
working with tony pinillos on the covers
of two of my old books being prepared for
mass-market publication.  "i'm running to win"
and "seduced by success".  please pray for them.
in the process, taylor decided to take his computer
apart.  getting everything geared up for all his

taylor's computer 

and brock's band plays in los angeles
this month.  every time he sends me a picture
of him and his girlfriend, she has a new tattoo somewhere.
oh, i love her.  and she's given me permission to say
these things.  a few tattoos..sort of hidden..don't bother
me.  but, on a girl, i get nervous. jumpy.  yet this is
what pure love is all about.  unconditional love.
complete acceptance.  God is using my children to
teach me so many things.

"let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.
all His wonderful passion and purity.
oh, Thou Spirit Divine, 
fill this being of mine....
til the beauty of Jesus 
be seen in me."  old chorus

i love you all.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your unconditional love for your children!