Saturday, June 8

wednesday was brandt's
first day on the job in
harrisburg, pa. he had
a chance to look around.
get his bearings while jasmine
and colben are at her parents'
in pittsburgh. he thinks he knows
which little town he'd like for
them to live.

one of you,
who reads this blog,
lives outside harrisburg....
and she has opened her home
to brandt. he is sleeping under
her roof tonight because of her
vast love. her endearing kindness
for another mother's son. the very
first real friend for brandt and jasmine
in this new journey. thank you,
my dear, beautiful debra!!

and those God uses
to help build the pieces.
miracles really can live.
they do.
but Jesus has to have
a team of assistants to
literally take the world at
its core, and rearrange the
normal, common, self-created
ways of mankind. He shifts the
universe, and realigns the stars,
and sweeps across the doubts of
pee-wee, human thoughts.

and i will worship.
worship. because....
"He is higher than we ever could
imagine...and closer than our eyes could
ever see...magnificent!....He alone is worthy.."
10,000 reasons

you have been a part of this miracle
with our little family because of your
prayers and faith and love. may the
enormous kindness of God cover every
ripple in your souls today. and
surprise you with miracles, too.

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