Thursday, June 20

sitting around the big table
in the co-dependent group of
celebrate recovery.  two new
women.  i was so moved by the
"stuff" verbally unloaded and
revealed.  each confession popped with such wounded vulnerability.

"are you weary? are you heavy-
hearted?  tell it to Jesus.  tell it
to Jesus...."(old hymn)

tonight i am.
i hurt someone's feelings,
unintentionally, last night.  i
fell through my front door.
sobbing uncontrollably.  crying
out to Jesus.  oh, Jesus is my
Husband.  dearer than anyone
and all else in the world.

and then,
there are my feet..
they hurt so much, and my
long, skinny legs yearn to run

i have my one, dear friend
who tries to keep me on the
straight and narrow....and i do 
so long to be all for Jesus, but
it's hard to see worth in myself.

now i've confessed to you.
i want you to know that inspite
of my struggles, Jesus shows
me every day, that He really loves
me.  are you watching?  He's
showing you, too.

"isn't He wonderful?
wonderful. wonderful.
isn't Jesus, my Lord, wonderful.
eyes have seen.
ears have heard.
it's recorded in God's Word...
isn't Jesus, my Lord, wonderful!!"
(long-ago chorus)

today, i headed to the dry
cleaners.  right there, in front of
me, stood little veronica. my
korean friend.  she ran to me.  i
threw my arms around her.
kissed and kissed her cheeks.
as she did mine.

" you getting too skinny!"
and she hugged me.
"oooh, i love way you dress!
your style!"
and i thanked her.
and pointed to my feet.
one with an ugly, surgery shoe
on it.  the other with a cute
sandal, but an ace bandage
intertwined around my ankle and

she put a sad look on her face.
"i sorry. but i miss you so..."

i love you..and i pray for you...
and God smiles on you...and.."

our eyes shining with tears.
"the greatest thing in all my life
is serving You.  the greatest thing
in all my life is serving You.  i
want to serve You more. i want
to love You more...the greatest
thing in all my life is serving You."

taste the love of Jesus today.
be joyful in the glorious adventure
of loving others to Him.  i know
nothing more thrilling.  to
touch a heart, and see Jesus.
the best. the greatest.
in all the world.


  1. I have left so many comments-they don't go through!!! I long to come to your town to meet you..take you to lunch...take care of you...clean your house...anything you need! You touched my life back when I was at Biola. I love Jesus and He lets me share with so many...after Him I think you started it in me!!! Here is my phone number-559-375-2672 if you get this would you please please call me?!? Loving Jesus with you, Cindy

  2. Hi Ann....I am so sorry you fell through your front door.......... I am still praying for all of you. I live in reno, you know i wish i could drive to sacramento but i have an old car that is not trustable. I know what you mean about finding it hard to see worth in yourself,but, Jesus see's it. I struggle with the same problem..........i always think i'm not good enough, etc. but then i remember the devil's plan, he just wants to kil us, hurt us, destroy us plain and simple. He know's how hard you work for the Lord and he doesn't like it at all. Don't let him mess with your mind! You are a child of the most high God and nothing can change that! You have helped so many people through your life, now, please let people have the honor of helping you. I love you Ann!