Thursday, June 6

last night
was celebrate recovery.
i was in the kitchen, with others,
cleaning up, and realized i didn't have
my car keys.

my children have helped me,
more times, look for keys. often in
the bottom of the trash containers.
always picking up. cleaning. keeping
order. and feeling so rushed that i unload
groceries and other things with keys still
in my hand.

someone with a flashlight
saw the keys on the passenger front seat
of my car....and the car was locked. the
only set of keys i have.

have i mentioned lately
HOW much i love my car?
what it means to me
every day
when i crawl behind the wheel...
that you all made it possible to have
it. no words of gratitude sufficient.

time to call AAA.
the first time to use my card
since i was able to purchase the
membership. call me a queen.
that's how i felt, dialing the 800 number.
i am the owner of a triple a card!!
Jesus covers everything for people
like me who are easily helpless.
if someone put a gun to my head,
and told me to change a tire, he/she
would have to shoot me.

had left the parking lot by now.
suddenly, windy and cold out, with
my friends, tere and sarah, the big, yellow,
tow truck pulled into the large, dark, church
parking lot.

almost in seconds,
the door was opened.
saved by this kind man.

"do you have gas with you?"

"yes, i do. a couple gallons, maybe."

"my friend, sarah, is here. out of gas.
she's not a member, but could we use my
card and service her? she's a mother of six.
very special. and...."

"no problem.
let's do it!" he answered.


he inserts a long funnel,
and begins pouring gas into
sarah's tank while my friends talk.
i move over to the side of the car.

"i don't know if you know Jesus or not...
but i do..and He really appreciates when
people do what you are doing right now.
with Jesus, kindness counts, and i want you
to know that He will bless you in a special
way...right where you need it...for doing this."

his face open. warm eyes.
easy smile. nodding his head.
sort of like,
"o.k., lady. that's nice."

as i walk him back to his truck,
i ask him what i owe him for the gas...
and he says nothing.

"is there someone i can
contact to put in a good word
for you? a superior?"

he hands me a card.
we shake hands.
"God bless you, sir."

my prayers were answered
for the day. i got to talk about Jesus
to someone God put right in front of my
face. my very favorite thing to do. because
Jesus is really the ONLY One worthy enough
to lift up. and so many don't know him. or
are alienated from Him. it was such a thrill.

i don't know what Jesus is going to do
for him, but He knows right where this man
needs Him most. God knows exactly how to
soothe his wounds and troubles that no one but
God knows about.

"if i had a thousand lives to live,
i'd live them all for Jesus.
if i had a thousand hearts to give,
i'd give them all to Him...."

"a thousand tongues to sing His praise
could NOT tell half His wondrous ways.
if i had a thousand lives to live,
i'd live them all for Jesus."
(favorite, old hymn)

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